It is assumed to have been called as Veerampur in old days. Two brothers, namely Veersen and Nakorsen, had established two cities at a difference of 20 miles and named them as Veerampur and Nakornagar respectively. Veersen established the temple of Shri Chandraprabh Bhagwan while Nakorsen of Shri Suparshwanath Bhagwan in their cities. The establishment (Pratishtha) of the temples was performed by Arya Shri Sthulibhadra Swamiji at both places. King Samprati pratibodhak Acharya Shri Suhasti Surishwarji, Acharya Shri Siddhsen Divakar – the Ratna in kings court of King Vikramaditya, writer of Bhaktamar Strotra Acharya Shri Mantung Surishwarji, Shri Kalakacharya, Shri Haribhadra Suriji, Shri Dev Suriji and many other scholar Acharyas has initiated the then kings with their efforts from spiritual speeches to perform the renovation works at these temples. Nakornagar existed up to 13th century. Later on people migrated to other nearby place at the time of attacks by Alam Shah. He destroyed the temple but the priests of the temple took measures to safeguard the idols of the temple and shifted them to Kalidrah village situated at a distance of 4 miles from the temple. During 909, 2700 Jain followers settled in the Veerampur city. One among them, Shri Harakhchandji renovated the old temple and established Shri Mahaveer Bhagwan idol as the Moolnayak. Descriptions of renovation work done in 1223 also exist. Alam Shah also attacked Veerampur and damaged heavily the temple in 1280. It was the beginning era of 15th century that the renovation works to rehabilitate the damaged temple started. The idols of Nakornagar, kept at Kalidrah village were brought here and the idol of Shri Parshwanath Bhagwan was chosen & established in the temple as the Moolnayak of it in 1429. As the Moolnayak idol belonged to Nakornagar, this teerth was called as the Nakoda teerth.

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