VIVAH 2016

Vivha shadi :-

Vivaah is a word for marriage in South Asia. This day is very important in every persons life.because this day is give new way of our life.The word originates as a sacred union of people as per Vedic traditions i.e. what many call marriage, but based on cosmic laws and advanced ancient practices Under Vedic Hindu traditions marriage is viewed as one of the  which is a lifelong commitment of one wife and one husband In India marriage has been looked upon as having been designed by the cosmos and considered as a ‘’sacred oneness witnessed by Fire itself.

Eight different types of Vivaah have been documented in the ancient Indian In all these types of marriage, an eligible groom is one who has completed his Brahmacharya Ashram (student hood) and an eligible bride is a never-married virgin who has recently attained puberty. The eight types of marriage are:

        1.Brahma Vivaah

2.Prajapatya Vivaah

3.Daiva Vivaah

4.Arsha Vivaah

5.Asura Vivaah

6.Gandharva Vivaah

7.Rakshasa Vivaah

8.Paishacha Vivaah









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Bhai Dooj 2016

On Bhaiya Dooj, sisters pray for their brothers to have long and happy lives by performing Tika ceremony and brothers offer gifts to their sisters. Bhaiya Dooj is also known as Bhau Beej and Bhathru Dwithiya.

A festival to celebrate the unique bond between brothers and sisters, Bhai Dhooj is filled with fun, exitement and happiness. From special desserts to gifts, everyone waits for this grand day to conclude the Diwali celebrations. Celebrated on the fifth or last day of Diwali, sisters greet and treat their brothers with love, affection and delicious food, in return brothers reward them with nice gifts and blessing. Celebrated widely in India this festival is very similar to that of Raksha Bhadhan but unique in its own way. Diwali 2016 is lightful and brightful,Bhai Dooj has made our relationship POWERFUL.

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