Jodhpur Luxury Car

Mercedes S & E Class

Mercedes Benz is a large car with all the modern facilities in it. The manufacturing company of this car is Mercedes, Germany. The engine capacity of this car is 2295 CC. The seating capacity of Benz is of 5 people including driver.

4 Including Driver12-02-11-01-04-10_luxery2
4 Including Roof top Carrier
Most comfortable Luxury car with Air Condition, Music System,

Honda Accord

Honda’s flagship sedan, the Accord, in its seventh generation avatar has been refined, lengthened, widened, made more powerful, turned into an even more spirited and pleasure inducing car to drive and ride in – and best of all.12-02-11-12-36-33_luxery1

4 Including Driver
3 Including Roof top Carrier
Luxurious Seats, Music System, Air Condition and comfortable.

Skoda Octiva

Skoda being one of the top of the line premium car is capturing the market steadily due to its style, design and outstanding performance. Laurin and Klement, full name of is running its name for its reliability, safety, attractive interior and superior eye-catching exterior.

4 Including Driver12-10-11-12-49-18_skoda_octavia
3 Including Roof top Carrier
Air conditioned, Radio CD, Electrical windows  front/front+back, Servo-direction, Servo-break, Electrical  mirrors